Want to change the world?!

Become the "You" you always wanted to Be.

Jo Whipp

Building and strengthening the grassroots effort to end human trafficking.

I'm working to be the change I want to see in the world

and I'm helping others to do the same.

“Passion and clarity are best friends, if you have them with you at every table of thought, they’ll feed you with rich answers and the perfect blend of next steps." Jo Whipp

Unless you decide to make changes you'll continue to share your table with--

  • shoulda shame

  • woulda wishes

  • coulda condemnation


We aren't empowered by wishes. Shame and condemnation stifle both our energy and our creativity.

We are empowered by clear vision and well thought out plans of action.

World changers are more effective when they know themselves. So we start by looking in the mirror.


  • Who you are

  • What your "why" is

  • How you change the world

  • Build and strengthen the skills you'll need

Only One You

You choose

 the destination

I'll be your guide. 


...is a guided journey

designed for you.


About Me

     A few years ago I began the beautiful ever stretching journey of living

a life of true freedom. I joined John Maxwell Team for the guidance of strong mentors and for a community of like-minded friends.


 When we are stronger

we can strengthen &empower those around us.


   World changers must have tenacity. Learning to live in a healthy holistic way will strengthen and empower you to fulfill your calling. The opportunity to share my passion to end Human Trafficking and to help others be at their best along the their journey of making a real difference in the world is a beautiful reward.

As a 21st Century Abolitionist a portion of my business

and time goes to this fight.

     I'm in a wonderful place on my journey. I know my purpose for being here on earth. I'm grateful to get up each day knowing that I have an itinerary and a destination. I love what I do and who I serve.

Only One You

You choose

 the destination.

Do I hear Roadtrip?!


...is a guided journey

designed for you.

I'll be your tour guide.

Video on its way


© Jo Whipp