Want to change the world?!

Become the "You" you always wanted to Be.

Jo Whipp

I strengthen women to confidently embrace their passions

and to effectively be part of the change they want to see in the world.

We are empowered by clear vision and well thought out plans of action.

World changers are more effective when they know themselves.

So we start by looking in the mirror.

​I help you --

  • Discover who you are

  • Discover what your "why" is

  • Learn how you can change the world

  • Build and strengthen the skills you'll need

  • Learn the power of Bookending your days

  • Help you create a plan for effective selfcare

  • Help you establish boundaries

  • Embrace change with confidence

  • Live with joy!

Only One You

You choose

 the destination

I'll be your guide. 


...is a guided journey

designed for you.


About Me

     Through pain and trauma I've learned compassion.

Through healing I've learned true freedom.

John Maxwell Team has helped me develop leadership skills.

Empowered Living have taught me how to embrace change

& that I am capable to accomplish anything I choose to imagine.


I know what it's like to want to "do something "

but not know exactly what or how.

Learning to first discover my true passion

& then focus on my calling changed everything.

Once I did this I created a plan.

It is ever unfolding and changing as I grow.

It is the image of my vision I hold on to.


     I'm in a wonderful place on my journey. I know my purpose for being here on earth. I'm grateful to get up each day knowing that I have an itinerary and a destination.

I love what I do and who I serve.

As a 21st Century Abolitionist

a portion of my business

and time goes to this fight.

Only One You

You choose

 the destination.

Do I hear Roadtrip?!


A effective way 

to get done

what you already know you need to do.

Video on its way


© Jo Whipp