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I help women confidently

embrace their passions and effectively

"BE" the change they want to see in the world.

My New Book-
A Positive Response to
Viral Crisis

Would you like to change your world and the world around you?! 

If the answer is, "yes but"

 & you find you're burning the candle at both ends...

If your family, your 'real' job, & your passion are all suffering...

If you are not as productive or effective as you like to be...

If you laugh when people talk about selfcare...

I can help you.

I've created systems and techniques 

that will change your "wishing" to doing,

increasing your productivity, influence & effectiveness

raising it to a whole new level

while you learn to embrace selfcare.

I'll work with you from right where you are.

You will get real trackable results.


By now you can see that a clear vision and well thought out plans of action, when acted upon, are life changing. We all have unique lifestyles and living situations. We have different responsibilities. Our purpose and passions are different.


Your gifts are what make you uniquely qualified to do what you are meant to do. There is Only One You. Do what successful people do and you will be successful.

Successful people--

  • Use systems

  • Create a "space" to be more effective

  • Invest significant time into thinking

  • Journal

  • Embrace selfcare

  • Network with like-minded people

World changers are more effective when they have

systems in place that insure productivity.

They also take time for self-care. 

I will help you --


  • Empower your "Why"

  • Learn how you best can change the world

  • Implement systems that increase your effectiveness

  • Learn the power of "Bookending" your days

  • Create a plan for effective self-care

  • Establish boundaries

  • Embrace change with confidence

  • Live with joy!

“Everybody needs a cup of Jo”


Jo was my life coach and mentor during a major life change. I had the opportunity to grow under her as she helped me increase my productivity and meet my personal goals. She taught me how to live unapologetically. She pulled out my strengths and met me where I was at when I needed the confidence to move forward. Jo is an excellent listener and insightful guide through life’s challenges. I had to do the deep work to see the results, but she provided me with concrete tools and exceptional value. Jo made my cup runneth over! 

Lorri Cantella ~ Realtor and Professional Photographer

Only One You

You choose

 the destination.

Do I hear Roadtrip?!


Increase your

productivity and


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