I know what it's like to want to "do something "

but not know exactly how best to go about it.

Knowing your purpose isn't enough. You need to have a plan and a distination. You need to know how to create a harmonious life. That way you can be the truest version of who you are.

As a caregiver or advocate this is crucial.

I've been in the fight to end human trafficking for over 8 years. It is mentally and emotionally necessary for me to focus on my health through a holistic lense. Balance is a fantasy that we're told we need. Harmony allows for our souls to sing while we live in the "real world" of our personal day to day. I didn't get this right away. Now I've created strategies and methods for me to live the life I believe I was created for. 

There is Only One You!

Own it! Love it! Live it!

Jo Whipp

© Jo Whipp