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You hold the image of your dream; I'll hold you accountable

Wanting to change the world can feel daunting, it also can lead to distractions. Having  a plan to make it happen is great but, you have to implement it. Setting goals is mandatory to success but, following through isn't easy on your own.


On our calls you'll update me about what your goals are, your plan to accomplish them by our next call, plus what you've accomplished. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Don't underestimate the power of having someone there to hold you accountable to making your dreams come true. 

Schedule a Discovery Call HERE.

I'll meet with you by phone for 15 mins three times a week for 3 months.

This exceptional opportunity is $900. 


THRIVE Journaling Passport is your ticket to increased productivity. Let me help you bring harmony into life while enabling you to up level every area of your life.

This unique journaling system was created after years of experience. It works.

Are you extremely busy? Do you need flexibility? Have you ever looked in your journal for something you wrote but you can't find it? Would a system that encourages selfcare help you? 

With this Passport I'll teach you this amazing system and guide you to a new way to live each day. You'll see results in as quickly as a week. Are you ready to uplevel your actions and results?!

Bonus: My Bookends System is yours when you pay for the THRIVE Journaling Passport in one payment. It will include two 45 mins. coaching sessions. $600 if you purchased separately.

We'll meet Once a Week for a 1-hour session for 3 months. 


Schedule a Discovery Call HERE.

$1500 for 6 sessions (Each session is approximately 45-75 mins) You'll receive a value of $2,100 worth of products. I believe that you can be all you are meant to be. There is Only One You! Live you. 


Do you want to change the world?!

You can! 


Find your place as a "world changer" or strengthen your influence and confidence by helping grow and embrace your true calling. If you truly want to change the world schedule a Discover Call today. We'll explore where you are now, plan your intake call and following sessions. The intake session is complimentary.

Schedule a Discovery Call HERE.


$4,500 for 12 bi-monthly sessions plus emails are welcomed between sessions to keep you focused and encouraged. (Each session is approximately 45-75 mins) 

Application process and Intake are complimentary. Also, this is a One-On-One program. I devote myself to you and to your dreams. 

Bonus--THRIVE a new way to journal. Your THRIVE journal will help you take your "goal getting" to a whole new level. (Valued at $99)

Bonus-- PLUS...I've added a 30 min. THRIVE set-up and Q&A PLUS one additional one month check in call for you, so you can get the most out of your THRIVE Journal. (Valued at $250)

Bonus-- PLUS...Bonus: My Bookends System is yours when you pay for the Only One You Coaching Passport in full. It will include two 1 hour coaching sessions. $500 if you purchased separately.

Total Value for these 2 bonuses $849. Yours when you join Only One You and pay $4,500 at sign up (this has a $5,349 value).

Payment options are available but will not included bonuses.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Yes! You can change world! 

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 With coaching you learn to....

embrace the process 

 go further faster 

In coaching you have...

a thinking partner

a guide

With coaching you'll have...

an opportunity to breakthrough what's holding you back

& someone to walk with you while you journey



Only One You!

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