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A New Look At Your Morning Routine Part 3

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

If you desire to make your Morning Routine Rock you’ll need to create a plan and be prepared.

Rockin' Your Morning takes planning and preparing

In Part 1 and 2 we discussed the loving you and finding clarity. You don’t want to miss any of these steps.

Let’s build on that clarity before we get started on planning and preparing. You’ll want to write down a vision if you plan to become the future you. Rather you choose a day in the near future, let’s say 3 months from today or you choose 3 years from now it’s super important, dare I say, absolutely necessary that you:

  • Write a vision of what you want; what you really really want. What would your day look like? How many clients/customers would you have in a day? What would you wear? What would you eat? etc...

  • Believe it will happen. If you don’t believe in your dream and feel passionate about making it happen you won’t be able to persist when the tough days come along. And they will.

  • Read it out loud twice daily. Your subconscious believes what it hears. Mind you mind and feed it with what you want it to believe about you and your life.

  • With emotion. After all this is YOUR dream come true! How would you feel? Ecstatic?! Yes! Of course you would. What would the sights, sounds, smells be all around you? How would that make you feel?

  • Then “be” that person (ouch, this is a toughy, I mean desiring to act a certain way and have all the great things you can imagine is one thing but it is a lot easier to imagine than to become when you really aren’t sure what a person making 6 figures does every day. Which would be part of the reason you aren’t making 6 figures yet. Did you get that; yet

On the John Maxwell Team we call this “building your wings on the way down.”

If you’ve done some of the preparing work and accomplished Part 1 and 2 of A New Look At Your Morning Routine and the work of the first section of this post, you are off to an excellent start. If not, got back to Part 1 and 2; read them and take the time to work.

To continue the process of learning to Rock Your Morning Routine it’s time to start by setting your intention for the day the night before. Here is how I prepare for the next day:

  • Get ready for bed.

  • Read a book that nourishes my subconscious.

  • Read my Vision out loud.

  • Go over what I intend the next day to look like. Something like: Wake refreshed, get my daughter and myself ready for the day. Drop her to school. Go over anything that might have come up (appointments, calls, life). I have each week day set for certain things. Monday, for instance, is Social Media Monday. I don’t go over every detail until the next morning.

  • Sleep. I love sleep.

Let’s use a Monday morning as an example of how I start intentionally:

  • Gratitude and affirmations.

  • Give the day to God. I have an app that I read in the morning too. YouVersion. I love it! My coach recommended it.

  • Go over my intention. Remember, I set my intention the night before, so when I rise I remember it. It builds enthusiasm.

  • Having a structured routine allows me, as a busy single mom, to roll with whatever happens. Crazy things like my daughter waking up crying that there’s something in her eye. That happened recently. It ended up being an allergy but it looked like conjunctivitis. I had to keep her home for two days; school policy. Plus there was a trip to the health food store and the doctor. It happens. Even though the routine was thrown for a loop I was able to keep going back to the plan. I simply focused on my daughter and business priorities. I love the flexibility of coaching.

  • Drink a quart of water before 8 a.m. (More on that later.)

  • Check my calendar. Yeah, I’m human and sometimes I completely forget something.

  • Go over the day in my head.

  • When my daughter is at school; I’m ready. The days plan is clear (hint: aim for big action taking successes, not safety net actions).

  • After I'm home I work on my THRIVE journal and then start my block schedule for the day.

Creating a plan plus taking action equals pure joy!

This Rocks My Mornings and enables me to not be flying by the seat of my pants. It sets the tone for the day and I am always more productive. By having clarity and living a well intentioned life you’ll be able to Rock Your Mornings too. In my future post we’ll be talking about Sleep, Water, and Nutrition.

Comment? Question? Please share, and as always you can reach out to me at

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