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Gut, Brain & Heart

Melia, my new friend and I were talking this morning (my time) and afternoon (her time). I brought a cup of coffee (from the kitchen) and we Zoomed. Yes, it's a new virtual world. Maskless online communication is quite a thrill. Where else can you see all of someone elses face?! Since Covid I've created a whole new kind of friendships. Yes, I was talking to people from all over the world via messaging, emails and phone calls long ago, but Zoom was rare. Really I was good with that. I love face to face mostly when it's ....well...face to face.

Okay, why all the pre talk about strangers meeting online? Glad you asked. You see how we live has changed dramatically. The effects are still not all quite known. There are some things however that haven't changed, our need to live in harmony. Our bodies are not who we are. They are our dwelling place. Taking care of our bodies is not only necessary to our survival but also for our ability to live our best lives here on earth. Do you want to thrive?! It is a valid question.

To live our best life we must address a few things. Our gut, mind and heart. When we are developing in our mothers womb, our brain and gut start out together. They unfold like a flower through out development and are connected for life.

The Cleveland Clinic says this about the brain gut connection, "The enteric nervous system's network of nerves, neurons, and neurotransmitters extends along the entire digestive tract..." and "The “second brain” in our gut, in communication with the brain in our head, plays a key role in certain diseases in our bodies and in our overall mental health."

So that's the brain and gut. What about the heart? I'm actually not talking about the physical organ. I am talking about our being. Our soul.

All three of these three areas need to cared for in much the same way. Our brains need nourishment, healing, stimulus. Our guts need nourishment, healing and stimulus. You've got it, so does the heart of who we are; our soul.

If we focus on one or two and neglect another we can't live our best life. We cannot live in harmony and we will be out of tune. There's one more thing that we need to understand. Nourishing, healing and stimulus are forever needs.

Each day you get to make small and large choices that will have a lasting affect.

What will you choose? Let's choose to Thrive!

Melia Diana helps women heal who are looking for healthy relationships.

I have her web address below.




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