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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

THRIVE is a program I developed for me. My accountability partner noticed how it was helping me move forward faster and how I was more confident and sure of the "process" of growing forward. Now I like to share and coach THRIVE. Today I thought it would be nice to give you an overview to empower you on your journey.

Every Journey Begins With The First Steps...Why not THRIVE!

I've worked through a lot of stuff and continue to. Fact is, most of us have things that we've experienced that can keep us spinning our wheels, like a car in the MUD (Memories, Under-covered dreams and desires, and Detrimental beliefs). I know we online business people are taught to fake it til we make it. Well, I disagree. If you don't have a mentor giving you truth, not only about where they were before they became their version of successful, but also telling about where they now. Authentically. You won't believe you can make the necessary changes to get from where you are to where you want to be. It's imperative that we work on our past traumas and abuses. I have and still do. Life is a journey. After I finished a year with Celebrate Recovery I was ready for some real traction.

I joined the John Maxwell Team to do just that. I knew that I would find everything I needed for personal growth there. I have training opportunities, the university (our online library of trainings), like-minded friends and associates, and mentors that are successfully doing what I desire to do. Great foundation. Excellent resource. Perfect for ongoing education, mentoring, accountability, etc.

So why is journaling so important?

Most people who are growth minded have heard about journaling. I love to write but I found that I wasn't getting my journaling done. What can be gained from journaling?

  • It helps you with your thinking. Don't underestimate the power of your thoughts. John Maxwell says that people do. Successful people journal.

  • It draws out your dreams. When you start allowing yourself the time to just write out your thoughts you’ll find that you will start dreaming more.

  • It releases your pain and discouragement. Writing out what on your mind, no matter what, is healing. Let's be real here...Everyone has stuff happen in their life.

  • It increases your hope. As you implement regular journaling into your life you’ll be encouraged. You’ll see that you can make your dreams come true. You’ll become more hopeful.

  • It lets your ideas flow. Literally from head, to pen, to paper. Neurologically good for you. And who doesn't want happy neurons?

  • It gives you a place to create your plan and can be used to hold you accountable.

  • It will help you imagine the possibilities. How nice is that?

  • And more.

So why THRIVE? What is unique about it? Glad you asked.

I took the many great things my mentors, training and book mentors had said I should be doing and created a practical easy to use method of jounaling. It works!

So here you go--







  1. Thoughts--just write everything on your mind right then. It can be, take the meat out of the freezer, I need to buy lettuce. It can be I’m so excited today is the first day of Autumn. I love pumpkins, etc. It can be, I want to connect with so and so to get her ideas on the book I want to write. I need to finish the outline first. It doesn't matter just let it flow out of you on to the page. Don't overthink it. I promise you'll love the results.

  2. Holding, Harvesting, and Hallelujahs--now if you are not into prayer think of this as your gratefulness space. I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is where I put things I am “Holding” in prayer. “Harvesting” is when I get an answer. “Hallelujahs” is where I write what I am grateful for.

  3. Reflect--After you’ve had a good thought dump and spent some time in gratitude you're ready to dig deeper and reflect on your business, career, relationships, etc. Think deeply and write about where you are, what you’ve done and what needs to get done. You may discover you aren’t living like the person you want to be because you have a block. Here you can think and write out about why you think you’re stuck. AND….very importantly, think about what you can do to learn what you need to learn from the space in you're in or what you need to do to have a breakthrough.

  4. Invest--Where have spent your time? Family, work, TV, social media, reading, your thinking time, etc. You can also write where you’ve spent your money. Be brutally honest. Where have you invested your money?

  5. Vision--Write a day in the future as you would like to be (more on visioning below).

  6. Excellence--This is about you. What you eat, drink (water), your sleep, and exercise.

Who doesn’t want to THRIVE?!

I thought you might appreciate a deeper dive on Vision.

Writing a vision: The very basics are that when you have a very clear idea of who you want to be, who is your future self? Now, create a day in the future that you would like to have happen, read it out loud 2x’s a day (or more) and take actions that support your desire. You’ll find your vision coming true right before your eyes. Remember, where your focus goes your energy flows.

With THRIVE you can use the Vision section to begin learning who you are in your future. I found that I was changing and evolving so my visions were changing and evolving. No problem. When you get the Vision section and you like the vision you have imagined about the future you; amplify it. For instance. You want to own a home? Great! Describe it. Where is it? What does it look like? Color, size, etc. Then remember to write what you are going to do to get there. ie what work are going to do to make this dream happen. Do the math. How many clients do you need to afford this house? How much money is going to cost? This not the time to concern yourself HOW you will make this happen. Just--what is that you want? Really really want! And what will you do to make it happen?

So, buy a journal or dust off yours


Strive to THRIVE!

I would love your feedback and questions. If you are interested in being coached through beginning to THRIVE you can go to START YOUR JOURNEY HERE and click on Coaching Packages. Sign up for a Discover Call. You can also Email me. Thank you. Have a great day!

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