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Journey to the State of Success by Way of the City of Overwhelm

I arrived in Overwhelm; unable to think clearly. My directions were muddied and I couldn't see my priorities.

I decided to stop and ask for directions from someone who had made it through Overwhelm. Someone who had made it to Success. Tired and confused, I knew I needed guidance. They explained, “There's only one way out of Overwhelm, you must choose a destination point and then focus on it.”

He startled me when he asked me if "I" knew where I was headed. "Of course I do," I faltered, "I am heading to Success."

"The State of Success only welcomes people who can name a specific arrival point."

"What?!" My eyes opened wide. His bore right through me.

"Do you have a passion? A dream? What keeps burning in your mind? What thrills your heart? THAT is your arrival point. It is your dream. No one else's. Yours. Imagine it. Create it in your mind. Oh, and by the way, you’d better be prepared to get comfortable with discomfort too. It's your friend. It'll keep you growing and glowing. While you persistently move forward toward your arrival point."

He left. I pondered all he shared.

“Life is a journey. There will be many starting points. Remember though, without an acted upon dream clarified by flexible goals and plans to reach them, you WILL live in Overwhelm falling prey to Mediocrity and Stagnant until you perish.”

The last thing he said was, "Focus on YOUR Dream, never lose sight of it."

Since then I’ve left Overwhelm and burnt any bridge that might lead me back. I’m steadily moving toward my Dream. I am co-creator with God. He is a reliable force to work with.

I’ve chosen friends who share my desire to learn and grow. Each of us refers to our maps often and encourages one another along the way. Sometimes we feel like we’re still in Overwhelm. So we take a look at our map to remind us of how far we've come. I've also learned it's important to celebrate your dream and your successes along the way too.

I’ve had to be self-disciplined taking consistent action. I believe in my dream and daily imagine my arrival point. My vision is clear. It has been a process. And now...

The State of Success is in my sight because I daily imagine my arrival point and I work smart, living as the person I want to be. I’m celebrating my wins, for as I move toward my vision, it moves toward me. My vision is clear and obtaining my goal is certain, because I am obsessed with its attainment.

So my friend, believe it and you will achieve it.

When you arrive look me up, here’s my State of Success address:

4 My Way, “Suite 2”

Arrival Point, Success


I hope to see you soon.

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