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Mike Tomlin and Tyler Perry are in the Fight to End Human Trafficking

Are people catching on! Will you?

Mike Tomlin, the Pittsburgh Steelers coach has joined the fight. In the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Ray Fittipaldo he says, “We live in very divisive times in sports and society, and we wanted to focus our attention on something that we all could agree on."

I agree. You are either a trafficker, a buyer or devoid of feeling to not think trafficking is WRONG! It is not devisive. In fact it can unite us.

Although he talks about the sad fact that Americans are the #1 consumers of sexually exploited human trafficking victims, what I really appreciated his response to The 700 Club interviewer, Tom Buehring's question, “Tragic, heavy, heartbreaking. It’s too tough for some to look at. But for you, why is an apathetic response unacceptable?”

Mike Tomlin responds “It is tough for me to look at. But I also know that’s one of the reasons why you’ve got to look at it. And that’s one of the reasons why it pushes –pushes you to action. As difficult as it is to digest, to fathom, it’s probably just as tough not to take action once you’ve –once you’ve crossed that bridge.” (my emphasis)

WSB-TV Atlanta 2 is one of many sharing that Tyler Perry has teamed up with Georgia’s First Lady Marty Kemp, urging people to join in the fight against human trafficking. He's urging people to know the signs.

Knowing the signs can save a life. Shared Hope International has free training and information that can help you learn the signs and ways for you to take action.

And rather like or dislike our President, everyone in the fight to end human trafficking are thrilled that he is giving "$35 million in Housing Assistance Grants for Victims of Human Trafficking is being provided by the Office for Victims of Crime within the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs to provide housing and services to human trafficking survivors." (By Darlene Superville | AP August 3, 2020)

This all positive and I'm grateful. By now you can see how important this work is, so what can you do to join us? I'm here to help you find your place in the fight and to help those who are in fight to be more productive, influential and effective. Please reach out at , on my LinkedIn or Facebook. Let's change the world together.

Mike Tomlin:

Tyler Perry:

President Donald Trump:

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