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A New Look for Your Morning Routine Part 1

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Getting up in the morning is supposed to be an exciting exhilarating experience.

Instead, most of us are exhausted, far from motivated and just going through the motions because life demands it. Basically, we living our lives by default, not by design.

In fact, I recently mentioned I was writing this article to woman I respect and admire. She excels at what she does. She doesn't have it easy. Her child has some challenging health issues and most people don't fully understand the situation. To top it off she's a single mom. When I mentioned to her that mornings were supposed to be exhilarating, she laughed and said no. This response is far from abnormal.

The good news is there are some simple things you can do to change how you view your mornings. You can take control of how you feel when you roll out of bed.

I believe one of the most important things you can do is to believe in you. To believe that you were uniquely made and designed for something great.

Getting up each day because you have to go to work, you have responsibilities, bills to pay, etc, isn't a reason to get up. It's more likely a reason for you to stay in bed. However, if you get up for all those same reasons with an attitude of this is my “Why,” you are going to have motivation.

Let’s take this a step further...

What if you believed you are meant for something special? What if you knew what that was? Could you imagine how you would look at life? How different your days would be?

I understand that you have bills to pay and stuff to do. John Maxwell says we've got to take care of today. We do.

We have to take care of today.

I rise each day excited to get started because I know that I was made to be uniquely qualified for something great. You are too!

So, the first thing on your “Make the Morning Rock” agenda is to figure out how you believe. *Do you believe that you were made for something great?

*Do you believe that you are uniquely qualified, based on your very existence, for something wonderful?

*Uniquely designed for something that can change the world?

*If you don't, what are you on earth for? What is your purpose?

*If you do believe that you are meant to do something great and that you are uniquely qualified, are you making it happen?

If you are, congratulations. Seriously. If not, could it be you are unclear about what your purpose is? Clarity is crucial. If you don't have it [Clarity] you need to get it.

Clarity was one of the hardest things for me to figure out. Discovering what I really wanted, based on my passions, helped me get clear. I had it in the wrong order. Once I understood in authenticity what brought me to a point of clarity on my journey I wanted to share it with others. That is why I created the Sojourn PROJECTS.

As a formula you take your passions + your possibilities, consider your responsibilities, Reflect on these and determine what your options and opportunities are. Results have been amazing.

When I first started my journey I kept thinking about my responsibilities. I used them for every decision I made. I didn't think about what my truest deepest passions were. Getting everything in the right order changed my life. It can change yours too.

In my next blog of this on going series we'll take a look at ways to find clarity.

Please leave comments and share. Thank you. Now make your Mornin’ Rock!

Let's Do This!

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