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The Faces of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking has no specific face. Not for the victims. Not for the Traffickers. Not for the perpetrators. The average age of victims is 12-14. They usually are female however, there are male victims too. Traffickers and perpetrators are old and young. Male and female. Usually they are men.

Victims are exploited in many different fields. These (partial) lists come from the reputable the source Polaris Projects.

Labor Trafficking examples:

Health Care


Factories & Manufacturing

Commercial Cleaning Services

Hotels & Hospitality

Restaurants & Food Services

Traveling Sales Crews

Sex Trafficking examples:

Remote Interactive Sexual Acts

Personal Sexual Servitude


Illicit Massage, Health & Beauty

Escort Services

Bars, Strip Clubs & Cantinas

Trafficking has no face. Not for the victim, the trafficker or the predator. And as long as we don't understand how it works and what it look likes, Human Trafficking will continue to be the fastest growing crime in the world. It is about greed and lust. For the trafficker it is a tax free business. For the predator it is his need. His right. It is what guys do. She wants it. For the victim it is a living hell. We must take action. There are many ways we can.

We start by educating ourselves and then others.

We ask questions when we aren't sure where to go or what to do.

If you are too busy to dig deep, ask someone like me to come to your group, church or company to train you and others. I am trained through Shared Hope International. I have read over a dozen books and have seen at least a half a dozen documentaries.

I'm not going to lie to you, this is tough stuff. I am not let that fact stop me either. It's a very good reason to fight harder. The two organizations I listed, Shared Hope and Polaris Projects, are great resources.

I am here to help you in any way I can. Please leave a comment and share.

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