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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Waiting isn't easy. I'm not talking about lines at the grocery store. I'm talking about the kind of waiting that stops us from moving forward with a dream, or worse, your calling! You feel like you're cruising on the river of life toward your destiny, when suddenly you get stuck in the mud. Hello?!

As I write this today I am waiting; on a lot. The details aren't as important as the fact that the layers of waiting have mounted and mounted until I feel stifled. On top of this something happened in my personal relationships that is rocking my world to my heart core (and it isn't over); I have felt numb as a result of it all. Paralyzed. Frozen.

I don't like "stuck." Stuck stinks.

I decided to figure it out. I stopped. I took time to think. Really think. I dove into the problem solving solutions I've learned from Paul Martinelli, my mentor. Today, though nothing has changed, I had a breakthrough. I decided to share it with you.

All of us are susceptible to moments like this. If you are breathing then you'll have days or seasons of waiting. Moses waited 40 years. And how long was Nelson Mandela in prison? It's our response to events, happenings, or the lack thereof, makes all the difference.

I have a waiting solution. I built myself a RAFT and equipped it with POLES. Well, you didn't think I was going give up did you? No way! My dream and my why are big enough.

Sometimes we get stuck on the river of life.

Curious? Want a waiting solution? Here it is. The method for building a raft I'm using so I can make the best of my "stuck" time.

R--Resting and Relying

Resting. John Maxwell told me that when you're in a place where you don't know what's next, rest. Wait and see. Really?!

Yep, cuz stuck can be stupendous.

I've been told that it's weakness to need God. Well, weak I'd rather be than to miss out on the love and blessings He has to offer. So, I'm relying on Him. I just needed to acknowledge it again. What or who are you relying one? It really helps to know while you're waiting.

A--Actions and Attitudes

Actions. What you do during this time will make the difference between moving forward stronger than before, versus falling back into a feeling of defeat. Actions are where those POLES I told you about come in. I'll explain them later.

Be aware of your attitude when you're stuck. Think about what you are thinking about. If you haven't started using the THRIVE journaling method, now would be a good time to.

F--Faith and Focus

What you believe you will achieve. Have faith that this will pass. It is temporary. Even if it takes days, weeks, months. Believe.

Where your focus goes your energy flows. Be hyper aware of what you are pouring yourself into while you wait. I'm sure you've heard it said that you can learn about someone's priorities by looking at someone's checkbook. Well, if you're stuck in the MUD and you're focused on how hungry you are or how you're going miss the concert you want to go to, you're missing the boat or in this case "raft."

Where is your focus and are you seeking others to come along with you?

T--Thinking and Thoughts

What you think about you bring about. Important, think about what you think about.

Honestly, I went into a tailspin a week ago. I was weary and then I got hit by the unexpected. It felt like a passing log on my river of life. There I was stuck. Wondering. Slam. I reeled. It took me a week to get my equilibrium back. I did because I grabbed onto what my mentors have been teaching me. If you don't have a mentor, coach or accountability partner you'll be stuck longer.

Thoughts are things. Stinkin' thinkin' will hold you back. So I recommend some serious Thought Watching. Pour into your mind positivity through books, audio (YouTube has tons of awesome free options), reach out to like-minded people (no, not the ones that will agree that you're life is a mess and it isn't your fault) and say positive things out loud to yourself. Your I Am's.

With right tools you'll have smooth sailing.

Okay, we've built the RAFT. I hope you're feeling more secure and hopeful. I know I am. Now let's grab onto the POLES and get out of the MUD. To do that, we need to evaluate and take action.


So what are the possibilities? Paul Martinelli asks, What is the truth? The truth of who you are. Designed for greatness. Gifted to succeed. Fully resourced. Or as Roddy Galbraith, another one of my mentors, says, "Perfectly Imperfect." How can you be the solution? What can you do right now? What action can you take? That next step.

O-Options and Opportunities

In my Sojourn PROJECTS coaching package (or as a one day training) I ask you to write out your Options and Opportunities. Once you know what your passion and possibilities are the world opens up to you. Think it through. You have more options than you realize.


Without leadership, I know I covered this, but hey, it's important. Without leadership you aren't going to move forward as confidently or as clearly as you can. You must take action and reach out to people in your life who can guide you. I said you can, because you are a capable. You are fully resourced.


This is about you working to become the best version of you that you can be. It's about discipline and persistence. In the end, these two character traits are crucial to your success. That and a "burning desire" (Napoleon Hill). Excellence requires all of these.


We are spiritual beings. We are created for greatness. No one can be you or do "you" as well as you can. And don't even think about imitating who others are. BE YOU.

You have your RAFT and POLES,

so you're set.

Bon Voyage!

Happy journeying on the river of life.

There is Only One You!

Own it! Love it! Live it!

Please share. Comments are welcome. Great happiness to you. Jo

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