What it's all about...

Sojourn: A temporary stay, visit or stopover.

PROJECTS: An acronym that will transform your life!

Sojourn PROJECTS was created when, due to my own experiences with upheaval I found others struggling through the inevitable life changing experiences that are, well, part of life. "Stuff" is bound to happen but it doesn't mean we have to fall prey to fear and the feeling of lack of control. Instead, we can assess the situation and create a plan that gives us both direction and confidence.

Sojourn PROJECTS bridges you from where are to where you want to be. And I'm with you every step of the way. 

I offer this as a coaching opportunity for just you or in a group setting. I can work with you over the phone or, if you have a group that would like to Sojourn together, I'll come to your business, church or other space. We'll plan an amazing workshop.  I'll give you a method to approach what is going on in the here and now of your life, and better still, you'll have more confidence the next time life tries to throw you for a loop. 

All you need to do now is click the button to book your discovery call for you or your group workshop.

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